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Thaiddhi - Born in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) in 1983, He is a freelance filmmaker working in the field of documentary and short narrative film since 2006. He has made films for local and international NGOs (e.g. Save the Children, World Concern, AFXB and MSI) in locations all over Myanmar. He has completed the one year Academy program at FAMU, in Prague, Czech Republic and is currently attending in their Master's Degree program in cinematography. His directorial debut “Awake” won FAMU international Film award in 2009.  He involved as a cinematographer in first Burmese feature length documentary film called “Nargis-when time stopped breathing”.

Filmography can be find in here : http://www.thaiddhi.com


Thu Thu Shein - Thu Thu Shein was born in 1983 in Yangon, Myanmar. She is a graduate of the National University of Art s and Culture’s Cinema and Drama course. She joined Yangon Film School in 2005. Her directorial debut "A Million Threads" won the Heinrich Boell Foundation Documentary Award in 2007. She has since worked as either director or cinematographer on a number of productions. In 2009 she received a scholarship to attend FAMU International Academy Program. She is currently attending a Master Program in Cinema and Digital Media course at FAMU (Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague). She is a co-founder of the Wathann Film Festival which is the very first film festival in Myanmar History.

Filmography can be find in here :  http://www.thuthushein.com 


Myo Min Khin - Born in Yaeoo in Sagaing Division in 1976, Myo Min Khin dropped music studies at the University of Culture to join the Forever Group as a systems engineer in 1998. He set up his own animation company Anonymous Motion Art in 2002. A member of YFS since its inception in 2005, Myo Min Khin has since worked on a number of YFS productions as either sound recordist and/or editor. One of Myanmar’s premier workflow specialists for digital editing systems, Myo Min Khin has also taught at YFS workshops. Beyond the Light was his directorial debut.


2005 A Day with Aye Nan Lin (12'39'', sound recordist, editor)

2006 Just a Boy (13'05'', sound recordist, sound track)

2006 Into the Ring (10'59'', sound recordist, sound track)

2006 Beyond the Light (12'21'', director, sound recordist)

2008 My Positive Life (20'09'', editor)

2009 Nargis - When Time Stopped Breathing ( 90', editor ) 

2009 A Bright Future (15'21'', editor)


Soe Moe Aung - was born and raised in Hmawbi , Yangon Myanmar . His father was a military officer and mother was a nurse. Both of his parents were forced to resigned by military regime after 1988 uprising. He passed his matriculation exam from No. (1) High School Hmawbi in 2001. From 2004 to 2006 He joined a hotel management school in Singapore and quit before he complete his diploma. Soe Moe Aung moved to another job at a local FM radio station, Padamyar FM, as an audio technician in 2011. At the end of 2011 he quit his job and decided to go to India to study film making. He studied film
directing at Center for Research in Art of Film and Television (CRAFT) in New Delhi  for one year. After he finished the diploma in film directing , He came back to Myanmar and was selected to attend 2012 intake of The Art of Documentary Film Making workshop by Yangon Film School (YFS). Since then He is making Documentary Films and Short Fiction Films till now. Currently he is working on numbers of Documentary project and Fiction projects.

Filmography , Award and Screening

“Insein Rhythm”(2012, 11 min, HD) Director

[Festivals/ Awards]

-Vision Du Reel Film Festival, Switzerland, 2013

-Sea Art Film Festival, United Kingdom, 2013
-Wathann Film Festival, Myanmar, 2013
-DOK Leipzig Film Festival, Denmark, 2013
-Film Festival One World, Czech Republic, 2014
-Exground Film Festival, Wiesbaden, Germany, 2014
-Chop Shots Film Festival, Indonesia, 2014
-Bangkok International Student Film Festival, Thailand, 2014

-ALPAVIRAMA South Asian Short and Documentary Film Festival, India, 2014

-Reggio Film Festival, Italy, 2015

 “Next Month”(2013, 4 min, HD) Director


[Festivals/ Awards]

-Best Short film award, Wathann Film Festival 2013
-JUE film festival, Shanghai, China, 2013

“A Man For All Season” (2013, 42 min, HD) Director

[Festivals/ Awards]

-1st Prize(Diamond Award)Goethe-myanmar and 

 Yangon Film School Documentary Competition, 2013, 

-Wathann Film Festival, Myanmar, 2014

-Singapore International Film Festival, Singapore, 2014

-DMZ International Film Festival, South Korea, 2015

"Unity In Diversity"(2013, 3 mins, HD) Director

Short documentary about Thwet Ti Boxing Club and co-operation, collaboration and friendship in multi-faith Myanmar.

“New Day” (2014, 3 mins,HD) Director

Music video for woman right. Vocalist: Lay Lay Wah, Htun Yati, Kay Kay Moe . Supported by Oxfam.

"Right To Say No” (2014, 30 mins, HD) Director

Short documentary about child soldier in Myanmar, supported by ILO 

"Training by GIZ"(working title) (2014, 20 mins, HD) Director

Short documentary about Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Development in Myanmar and role of GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft) , 

“Rakhine Fisheries Partnership” (2014, 16 mins, HD) Director

Short documentary about how Rakhine Parliament and Rakhine Fisheries Partnership drafted the Rikhine Fisheries Law.

“Danger Zone” (2014, 30 mins) Assistant Producer

A tv program about ethnic armies and conflict in northern Shan State of Myanmar. It was produced by a British filmmaker Ali Fowle and commissioned by Channel News Asia Singapore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTVgnf4tB0A


Eaiddhi - I work as a Professional Sound Recordist/Sound Designer/Mixer for documentaries and featured films since 2012. I worked as a Tracking Engineer since 2004 in several recording studios and also worked as Live Sound Engineer for two years at Bagan Entertainment. I attended a Beginner Sound Design Workshop in 2013 and an Advance Sound Design Workshop in 2014 at Yangon Film School. In 2015, I did a three months internship at Die Basis Berlin Postproductions Studio in Germany trained by Oscar nominated Recording Mixer Ansgar Frerich. I also organize small underground concerts called JAM IT! (facebook.com/jamitmyanmar) to support young independent musicians in Myanmar.


Selected Filmmography

Crossing Barrier (Documentary Film)

- Sound Recording

(UNDP project, 3rd Floor Productions)

Right To Say No (Documentary Film)

(ILO project, 3rd Floor Productions) 

- Sound Recording/Sound Mix

Tire (Documentary Film)

(YFS Film Productions, Yangon, 2012)

- Sound Recording

Solomon (Documentary Film)

(YFS Film Productions, Yangon, 2013)

- Sound Mix

Missing (Short Film) (YFS Film Productions, Yangon, 2013) 

Winner of Best Short Film Award , Wathann Film Festival 2015

- Sound Design

MTV Rebel Music (TV Documentary, MTV WORLD)

- Sound Recording 

The People’s Prophet ((Guardian Docs, Stateless Media USA))

- Sound Recording

Unity In Diversity Project (Six Short Documentary Film)

(3rd Floor Productions, 2014)

- Sound Recording and Sound Mix

SME Training

- Sound Recording

(GIZ project, 3rd Floor Productions)

Cry Mourner (Documentary Film, 2012)

- Sound Recording

Irrawaddy Dolphins (Documentary Film, 2012)

- Sound Recording


Featured Film


- Sound Recording/Sound Mix(working in process)

(Good Old Days Film Productions, 2015) 

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